B is for…Bon Appetit Magazine Dishing on Food and Family Friendly Rome

Playful gladiators at the Colosseum

In Bon Appetit‘s May 2011 Italy issue, writer Hugh Garvey shared in “Little Caesars” his “key to a successful food- and family-friendly Roman holiday”…”Let your kids run the show”.

We took Little B and the Boy to Rome last summer and couldn’t agree more. Rome was surprisingly easy for a family trip with young children.

Rome is a kid’s food heaven: Pizza, Spaghetti and Gelato. My kids frequently remind me, “Remember when we went to Rome and ate gelato…EVERY…DAY!!!”

Enjoying every lick of Roman gelato

Not only did every restaurant, cafe and shop serve the kids favorite foods, but they devoured the playfulness and mysteriousness of the city.

For example, the kids battled gladiators in and around the Colosseum, peeked through the Knights of Malta keyhole to discover a treasure, and exposed their truthfulness sticking their hand in the Mouth of Truth. Even the public drinking fountains provided endless giggles and playful shrieks as the B and the Boy took turns shooting water into the air.

Rome’s public drinking fountains made a splash with the kids

But some of the best moments were spent enjoying the food and drinks of Rome.

When in Rome, eat with the Romans. A hidden gem on our walk from the Borghese Gardens toward the Spanish Steps

I hope you enjoy reading Mr. Garvey’s article in Bon Appetit. Here are the links to the 4-part article:

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Kids couldn’t be happier covered in gelato.

What foods or mysteries did your kids uncover in Rome? Please share in the comments below.