Family Travel Links

Here are a few of my favorite websites for families that love to travel:

REI – Our go-to source for outdoor gear.  They also have great advice articles and videos on how to choose certain camping and hiking gear, tips on hiking, biking and other outdoor activities with kids, and other helpful information.  The link to the advice articles is here.

Have Family Will Travel – A blog from the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, a natural extension of their extremely welcoming, family friendly service.  One of the many great things about the Four Seasons Hotels is that kids under 5 eat for free. Good job being little, kids.

National Geographic Kids – Find games, photos, videos and other fun stuff to explore with your kids while learning about the world we live in.

CARES Kids Fly Safe – Child Aviation Restraint System, our kids’ “special seat belt” they used on airplanes.  Designed for kids 22 to 44 lbs.


Have any great travel websites you’d like to share?  Please leave a link in the comments below.