The Fuzzy Lemons – An Oasis of Smiles

The Fuzzy Lemons in New York City

A festive beat of drums, guitars and a saxophone intermixed with children’s joyful cheers ricocheted through the concrete canyons of New York City’s streets.  My family and I followed the vibrations and stumbled upon something amazing.  Not far from where we were staying, a band played in front of a popular children’s book store and cafe.  Steps from zooming taxis, the sun high in the sky, pedestrians circumnavigated a frenzied flock of pint-sized jumping beans like a line of ants marching around a fallen leaf.

It was a true New York moment and a type of experience I always hope for on our family travels. Spontaneous, fun, full of local flavor.

Our little ones naturally joined the fun.  For the next hour, the Fuzzy Lemons, donning citrus-colored shirts, enchanted the small crowd as kids danced, sang along and sampled their instruments.  (Funny still, we stumbled upon the band again at a playground later that afternoon! It was a Fuzzy Lemon city tour!).

The Fuzzy Lemons in NYC, Dana Harrison and Dave Lambert

Just as that unexpected sidewalk concert was a happy oasis in the midst of a busy city, the Fuzzy Lemons create a happy place for my family every day since as I shuttle my team to and from school and other activities.  All I need to tame the chaos in my car’s backseat is to ask, “Fuzzy Lemons?”.  The next 15-20 minutes are free from clamor as my kids and I sing a along engrossed in the music.

Learning to play the guitar with Justin Michael of the Fuzzy Lemons

The Fuzzy Lemons are fun and relevant for kids and parents alike.  They have great melody and, most important to me as a mom of young children surrounded by age-inappropriate content (even on Radio Disney), the Fuzzy Lemons write purposeful lyrics that celebrate the joys and tribulations of being a kid.  Their style ranges from blues, rock, ballads and folk.

Dancing to the Fuzzy Lemons on NYC streets

The Fuzzy Lemons’ songs are:

Playful–such as the upbeat “Jump in a Puddle” with lyrics:

Chris Moran from the Fuzzy Lemons

“Kicking and a splashing, screaming and a laughing, come jump in a puddle with me.  Nothing could be better getting wetter and wetter, come jump in a puddle with me. It’s raining outside but I don’t care, I’m gonna get soaked down to my underwear.  Baa ba ba ba.”

Encouraging–such as the motivational song “If You Fall”.

“If you fall, get up. If you skin your knee you can cry to me, but get up, it’s only gravity”.

I often echo the lyrical support when my kids need it with the chorus, “You must never give up, never give up, never give up, don’t quit,” and lines “If you’re sinking, swim, if you’re sinking, you MUST swim. When you’re up to your neck all hands on deck, you can paddle, and kick your feet.”

The song equally speaks to parents with lines such as, “You can put on a smile but after a while it starts to fade.  You wonder where your life has gone, but you must never give up…don’t quit!”

Humorous — such as the hilarious song about a new stay at home dad, “Hey, Baby!”

“Apple on the floor, oatmeal in my hair, how did this happen to me? Baby starts to wail, diaper in the pale, now it’s quarter to three.  A.M.  I was gonna rock the world hard and play in Madison Square (Garden), but…now…I’m a…stay-at-home dad.”

Loving — such as the sweet, feel-good song, “Someone Who Cares”.

“I am you, and you are me, and together, we are one. Can’t you see we’re all family, mother, daughter, father, son.  Food and air, and someone who cares, all we need is love.”

Playing along with the Fuzzy Lemons in NYC

Other favorites include the title song “To the Moon” about a mom empowering her son to think independently and seek answers to life’s questions through his own research and dreams; the really cute song “Skunks in my Shoes”; the self-aware celebration of boyhood “Rough and Tumble”; and the anthem for girl power “Girls Rock!”, which we always play en route to my daughter’s soccer games.

Singing “Girls Rock” with the Fuzzy Lemons

In the car, around the house, this is an endearing CD for all parents and their young kids.  Grab it for your next road trip or the next time you head off to your kid’s practice.

And follow the music next time you’re on the road.  You never know what, or who, you might find.

The Fuzzy Lemons street concert in NYC

You can find the Fuzzy Lemons and their CD here at

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(Side note from the author:  I have not in any way been paid or asked to write this review of the Fuzzy Lemons.  This article is purely to share a great find from my travels with like-minded moms and dads of young children.)