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B is for Beats…Kids Musical Beats

Voices raised, arms flying, feet stomping, heads rolling.  A scene from a typical sibling fight?  Could be, but the music’s blaring, so it must be…Family Dance Party! In the car, around the house,… Continue reading

B is for…Bon Appetit Magazine Dishing on Food and Family Friendly Rome

In Bon Appetit‘s May 2011 Italy issue, writer Hugh Garvey shared in “Little Caesars” his “key to a successful food- and family-friendly Roman holiday”…”Let your kids run the show”. We took Little B… Continue reading

B is for…Biergarten

Fresh air.  Beer.  Sausages.  Music.  Playground.  Friends. It’s no wonder the Bavarians are affable, good-humored people.  They have the whole relaxed-family-fun-day figured out. Our family spent a few weeks in Munich, Germany last… Continue reading

B is for…Bungalow

bun·ga·low [buhng-guh-loh] a one-storied thatched or tiled house, usually surrounded by a veranda ( an inexpensive, or luxurious, haven for families beaching it in Mexico, South America or other tropical destinations (Little B and… Continue reading

B is for…Buying Local

My daughter and I recently visited the Union Square Green Market in New York City.  As we meandered through the crowd of women pulling market baskets and dads pushing strollers, we examined the… Continue reading