Packing Checklists

As you prepare to travel with your young families, consider using the attached packing lists I created when my twins were younger.

In the hustle and bustle of preparing for a family trip, I found it essential to keep track of what I needed for my children as I packed so I wouldn’t find myself stuck in an airport or at our destination missing an essential item.  Please use or share these lists to ease your travel, whether it’s a trip to see grandparents or a fun adventure with your children.

Three age-specific packing lists cover our youngest travelers up through the preschool years and beyond.

Happy Travels!

Packing Lists:

3 to 6 month olds  Little B and the Boy_Packing Checklist 3-6 mos

9 to 12 month olds  Little B and the Boy_Packing Checklist 9-12 mos

2  years old (or more) Little B and the Boy_Packing List 2 years