Top 5 Lessons on Managing Car Seats at Airports

I know, you’re traveling by plane.  But, you’ve got to get your family to and from the airports, right?  And your children may be in a car at some point during your trip,… Continue reading

B is for…Buying Local

My daughter and I recently visited the Union Square Green Market in New York City.  As we meandered through the crowd of women pulling market baskets and dads pushing strollers, we examined the… Continue reading

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Getting Schooled in Skiing and Nature

“Do you see him?” “Oooh, I hope he’s OK!”   My kids scanned the passing snowfield searching for the coyote we spotted a few days earlier with a limp front leg. They had… Continue reading

“I remember when I was a baby”

My daughter said that to me recently.  “I remember when I was a baby.”  I didn’t dare spoil her enthusiasm by telling her she didn’t really remember being a baby.  But it got… Continue reading

Article in WSJ

I found an article in the Wall Street Journal today titled “The Surprisingly Big Joys of Journeys With Small Children”, by Clancy Martin.  The author shares our enthusiasm for traveling with young children.… Continue reading

Top 5 Ways to Keep Everyone Smiling

The following are my top five ways to keep everyone smiling on a family vacation: 1.     Be flexible. Be prepared to change plans, whether its going back to the room for needed down… Continue reading

It’s No Honeymoon! – A Memoir of Rome, Italy

We stepped off the plane; the morning sun hit our tired eyes.  It had been a long flight after a long, hectic stretch in our respective jobs. But we made it; we could… Continue reading

Packing Checklists

As you prepare to travel with your young families, consider using the attached packing lists I created when my twins were younger. In the hustle and bustle of preparing for a family trip,… Continue reading