Article in Conde Nast Traveler

“The A-to-Z Guide to Traveling with Kids”, by Wendy Perrin, in Conde Nast Traveler, April 2011, included some great tips for traveling families.  Here are a few highlights with my comments:

K is for Kids Eat Free, Ski Free, Cruise free. When you have kids eating free for multiple meals, the savings really add up!  Plus, it’s no difference if they barely touch their food, or, conversely, have a growth spurt and eat more than usual.  The Four Seasons Hotels offers free meals for kids under 5, including room service.  All-inclusive resorts offer the same benefit.  Kids-ski-free options, however, may or may not benefit your young family.  If your kids will be in ski school, the price of lift tickets may already be included.  Check with the ski school before signing up with a kids-ski-free deal.

U is for Uno. Another advantage of traveling with this easy-to-learn game is younger children can sort the cards (by color, letter, number), practice writing numbers and letters and count the cards.  And, after the kids go to sleep, mom and dad can quietly play this game in the hotel room over a glass of wine.  All that entertainment packed into one small deck of cards.

W is for Wikki Stix.  We first saw these at a restaurant in Jackson Hole last year and they’ve been popping up at restaurants and in goody-bags ever since.  The waxy, pipe-cleaner like sticks serve as open-ended toys exercising kids’ imaginations.  And, as Ms. Perrin says, they are extremely light, no-mess and easy to throw in your pocket or bag on the go.  Here’s a link to the Wikki Stix website.

A copy of the complete article in Conde Nast Traveler can be found here.

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