“I remember when I was a baby”

My daughter said that to me recently.  “I remember when I was a baby.”  I didn’t dare spoil her enthusiasm by telling her she didn’t really remember being a baby.  But it got me thinking.  She does have memories from her first year of life.   I frequently remind her how I’d take her and her brother to the park every day when they were babies.  She looks through her baby photo albums almost daily.  She witnesses all the things her baby sister does today.   And she feels the love we’ve showered on her and her siblings since they were born.  The memory of her time as a baby is a collection of memories our family created for her.

The same is true of traveling with young children.  I often hear people say, “We’re not going with the kids yet; they won’t remember it.”  In my opinion, children are never “too young” to travel.  They will remember trips from their early years through the stories you tell, the pictures you take and the feeling they’ll have knowing what it’s like to fly on an airplane, sleep in a new bed or taste new foods.

So go make some family memories.  You may be surprised what your kids remember.